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The source for many of the answers to the FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) is the Resident Handbook June 2023, [pdf, 4.2 mb] You will need the free Adobe Reader to view this PDF and others on this page if you are unable to open any of the PDF documents in the FAQs.

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CooperativeHG Forms

(Mowing, weeding, trimming, plowing, etc.)
The ground crew operations work is outlined in the 5 Year Grounds Contract. [pdf, 2.2 mb]

No, I’m afraid the ground crew is not available to work on residents’ own yard projects.

Resident Homes

House Keys – You will be provided two sets of keys to your residence. You may make as many additional copies as you like.
Lockouts. –  Please arrange for a nearby relative, friend or neighbor to have a copy of your residence key.
New Lock Sets – All lock set changes must be coordinated through the Operations & Sales Office.

If you think your situation is a dire emergency, we strongly recommend that you use your phone to call Topsham Emergency Dispatch at: 911.

  • Emergency Numbers
    • Police, fire, ambulance 911
    • Poison Control Center 1-800-442-6305
  • Non-Emergency Numbers
    • Topsham Town Hall, 725-1725
    • Topsham Fire Department, 725-7581
    • Topsham Police Department, 725-4337
    • Topsham Ambulance, 725-1729
  • Highland Green Numbers
    • Operations, 725-6318
    • Sales Office, 725-4549
    • Accounting 725-6318
  • Utilities
    • Central Maine Power, 800-750-4000
    • Maine Natural Gas, 877-532-5636 (emergency gas odor only)
    • Maine Natural Gas, 729-0420 (all other gas related issues/problems)
    • FairPoint Communications, 800-585-4466
    • Comcast Cable Television, 729-6663
    • Brunswick & Topsham Water District, 729-9956
    • Topsham Sewer District, 729-3612
    • Cunningham Security, 846-3350

There is a “Rental Restriction Policy of Highland Green.” It is important to recognize the instance where a shareholder may have a need to rent their home on a temporary basis. However, Associations that do not have a policy in place to control property rentals can be at great risk.In August, 2012 the HG Boards of Directors approved a policy which will help reduce the negative impact that rental properties historically have on home values within a community. If you’d like a copy of the document, see the Resident Handbook or contact the Highland Green office for a copy.To summarize the present policy: Shareholders wishing to rent their home must contact the Director of Operations and file application.

  • Highland Green will not market rental properties available.
  • The minimum rental period is 3 months and must be for the entire home.
  • The Director will interview and conduct background checks on prospective tenants. A recommendation will be made to the respective Coop Board of Directors who has final approval.
  • The suggested minimum monthly rate is $1,700 plus utilities. The shareholder will pay a $200 monthly management fee to the Cooperatives.
  • Shareholders are responsible for providing rules and regulations to tenants.
  • The total number of rental units within a Coop may not exceed 7.5% of the total units within that Coop. Numbers to be rounded up.
  • A Coop may agree to “lend” available rental to a Coop who has reached its capacity.
  • If a shareholder fails to submit the required Application or rents their home after a denied application, the Board may assess a fee not to exceed $500 per month against the shareholder.

Due to the cooperative form of ownership and the nature of a planned community, it is required that any allowable external and some internal alterations to your home are reviewed/approved by Highland Green Management Company and, in certain cases, the Cooperative Board of Directors. In general, additions and alterations should be visually and physically consistent with similar structures at Highland Green.  If any part of the addition or alteration will be visible to neighbors, their written approval may be necessary. Please fill out an  Addition Alteration Request and return to the Operations Office.


Carl is strictly an independent contractor with working knowledge of the community and is available for you to hire at his hourly rate.

Yes, however the vendor must be licensed and insured. Appropriate documentation must be provided to the Operations Office prior to starting the work.

This is a resident responsibility. Pest Control companies are listed on the Vendors List.

If you have a real emergency and the fire departments responds, they will read and reset your key pad. If your keypad is beeping because of a power failure, phone line interruption or other non-emergency reason, you may need to reset the keypad. To reset the keypad, enter the following reset code:  1 2 3 4 # to silence the beeping and *7 to reset.

Cunningham Security recommends that the back-up battery (12 Volt 7 amp) in home monitoring systems be changed every 5 -7 years. Your alarm panel may be in a closet that goes to the crawlspace or in your basement. Should you wish to have Cunningham Security replace the battery, please call them at 846-3350 to schedule a service visit.  Or, you may wish to save on the expense by purchasing the battery locally or on websites such as Amazon or a local store and install it on your own.

Call Overhead Door Company of Portland, Maine, 800-797-6734.

Please request access cards from the Operations Office.

The HG designer coordinates the construction process for new customers who work with outside vendors on their design choices. Many of your neighbors can recommend various outside design purveyors.

If you are contemplating using an exterior satellite dish, please review the  Application for Satellite Antenna Installation [pdf, 57 kb]

Traveling on Maine I-295 North or South, take the Topsham Exit 31. Turn east on Rt. 196. Travel 1.2 miles and turn left at the traffic light  at the Highland Green entrance. (5th light on Rt 196 after the highway exit) The Red Cross is opposite the Highland Green entrance, off Rt 196.

After you have owned your HG home for a full year, and it is your permanent residence, you may apply for a Homestead Property Tax Exemption. It removes part of your home’s value from taxation and it results in a modest tax reduction. Visit Homestead Exemption FAQS on Maine.Gov. You can download the application and file with HG Management (taxes are paid through HG).  You will see the modest tax reduction the following fall.

Once the exemption has been approved, it will remain in effect as long as your ownership and residency status remain unchanged. You do NOT need to apply for the exemption each year.

Community Center

The office fax and copier is available for small printing jobs and faxes. Please arrange with the Operations & Sales Office.



Check with Crystal in the Operation Office.


  • Private Events are those that residents sponsor for their own private usage. The resident must be in attendance for the whole event.
  • If you wish to reserve the community center for a party, event, or meeting, please open the Reserve the Community Center Form  [pdf, 57 kb], complete, print and return to Nancy Aliberto or Ellen Wood. Or save the form to your own computer desktop, using a different name. Example: Use “ReserveCC-EventDate”. Open the newly named PDF and fill in information, save again. Attach the completed form to an email, sending to hgmaineresidents@gmail.com.
  • Your request will be approved/disapproved within 48 hours with the approved date added to the resident calendar.
  • Upon approval/disapproval the scheduler will then notify the resident.
  • Fitness area, Pickle ball/Tennis Court,  and Pool areas are off limits for private events.
  • Residents running the event will be responsible for cleaning, disposing of trash, and leaving the facility in the condition in which it was found prior to the event.
  • Non-Private Events are those that residents or the Activities Committee want to run for residents only.
  • Residents will notify the scheduler of the Activities Committee that they would like to use the Community Center for a non-private event.
  • The scheduler will post the date on the Resident Community Calendar as long as the date does not conflict with any event currently on the Resident Community Calendar.
  • If a conflict exists with an event, the parties will try to work out a compromise; otherwise the scheduler will request the parties to attend a meeting to resolve the issue.
  • Non-Highland Green residents may attend only as a guest of a Highland Green resident and only if space is available.
  • Resident community events have priority over private or HG management events.
  • All costs associated with the event will be the responsibility of the sponsoring resident, including any additional charges for clean-up and supervision.

Instructions are available next to the TV.

Highland Green Golf Course

Highland Green Golf Club can be reached at (207) 725-8066 or visit the Highland Green Golf Course website.



Residents may not walk the golf cart paths during hours of operation (7am – 7pm). No pets on the cart paths are ever allowed during Spring, Summer and Fall operation of the golf club.


  • Contact the golf course for any promotions for residents.


Management Matters newsletters are emailed by Crystal Almy Reed in Operations every four weeks to all residents. For specific information, or an older newsletter, please email Crystal at the office.

Disposal and Recycling

Updated Recycling Guide Aug. 2022 [pdf, 860 kb]

If you have simple clippings and/or minor debris, dispose of them in the woods behind your house as long as the area is not a conservation area.  Other debris must be disposed of at the Topsham Transfer Station, part of the Solid Waste Facility,  located at 97  Townsend Way, Topsham, ME 04086.  (207) 725-2757, Hours: Tue-Sat 8am-5pm.

Take acceptable paint to the Topsham Transfer Station (part of the Solid Waste Facility at 97 Townsend Way, Topsham). See Recycle with PaintCare Flyer to know what can be dropped off. There is no charge for the appropriate paint cans, with the original label of what is inside. PaintCare related charges are paid for by the paint stores.

Visit the Maine Department of Environmental Protection,Waste Management for information on how to manage disposing of old paint, batteries, TVs, computer monitors, mercury-containing wastes, pesticides, old gasoline, and waste oil.

  • There are scheduled National Prescription Drug Take-Back Days in Maine, announced in the local news. At other times use the  safe disposal unit in the front hall of the Topsham Police Department (207-725-4337), located at 100 Main St in Topsham for medication collection. Collect unused, unwanted or outdated personal or veterinarian medications for safe disposal; needles, lancets or syringes are not accepted.

52 blue plastic bags are provided for free by your coop. The grounds crew will deliver these bags to your home at the first of the year. If you run out before the next delivery, you can purchase clear bags for recycling at your local grocery store.

  • Trash: Highland Green residents may dispose of trash in the green upright container with the black cover. It is emptied every Friday. Please refrain from placing items on the ground next to it as Pine Tree Waste does not pick up any spill over.
  • Recycling: The long green or brown dumpster is a zero-sort recycling container. Please break down cardboard boxes before placing them in the container. This will take up less space and reduce the frequency of Pine Tree Waste coming to empty it. If you see that it is getting full, please let Operations know.


  • Pet dogs and cats are allowed at Highland Green but must be cared for in a responsible manner and must not disturb the quiet enjoyment of your neighbors and neighborhood.
  • Please remember there is a leash law in Topsham and all dogs must be leashed when walked outdoors, and can only otherwise be outdoors if they are contained in an approved electric fence or pen. Dogs cannot be leashed and left outdoors.
  • We also remind all dog owners they are responsible for picking up and properly disposing of any wastes produced by their pets, including keeping private lawns cleared at all times so mowing and yard work can safely and hygienically occur. The staff cannot mow if there is organic waste in the yard.
  • Please remember, if your dog is outside in either an approved pen and/or electric fence enclosure, the pet must be quiet and not create any noise disturbance to any neighbors.

Dogs, on leash, may be walked on the sidewalks. Please remember all dogs must be leashed at all times on any HG property. Dogs are not permitted on the Golf Course or the Cathance River Nature Preserve at any time.

Your dog can run off-leash in nearby dog parks. Dog parks nearby: 1. Merrymeeting Dog Park (94 Water St, Brunswick)  – Walking past the soccer field along the river, you pass a large dog enclosed area first, and then a small dog enclosed area. 2. South End Park, (399 Washington St., Bath)

All residents of the State of Maine must register their dogs by January 31st each year. Register your dog with the town of Topsham, either in person at the town office or online via Maine Government’s Dog Licensing Online Purchasing & Renewal Service.


  • The Highland Green Community Center has exercise facilities on the lower floor with treadmills, rowing machines, bike, weight machine and weights. There is also a room for aerobics, yoga and floor work. Locally there are many fitness opportunities: the Bath YMCA and its Brunswick Landing location, Maine Pines Racquet & Fitness, Women’s Fitness Studio & Spa, Planet Fitness and more.

The pool opens for use from Memorial Day until Labor Day, varying slightly due to the scheduling of the opening/closing with a pool maintenance company. In season the pool is available from “sunrise to sunset”.

Find the the Cathance River Nature Preserve Trail Map on the Cathance River Education Alliance website. The map contains the Cathance River Trail, Highland Trail, Heath Loop Trail and Connector Trails.