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Participation and Involvement in Governance

Highland Green (HG) Community is the cooperative form of ownership with governance through Boards of Directors and Committees.

Boards of Directors

The board of directors provides certain input in the operation and management of co-op housing. A majority of the directors are resident-shareholders of Highland Green and are either elected by the shareholders or designated by the Sea Coast Management Company.


Another important part of the co-op is the role of the committees. The purpose of the committees is to help the board of directors and the management company finds ways for the community to function soundly. The board and the management company will ask a committee to suggest a course of action within its particular area.

Annual Meeting

The meeting of shareholders is held annually on a mutually agreeable day.  At the meeting, the shareholders will assemble to hear a report on the status of the co-op and to elect the Directors who are not designated by the Sea Coast Management Co. This meeting will also present an opportunity for the resident shareholders to bring up matters of importance to the entire membership.

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