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At HG (Highland Green) there are many ways to be active and involved. To find social activities, check out Clubs & Amenities. You will find a wide variety of opportunities to socialize with your neighbors. Pursue a favorite hobby, or get involved with a brand new activity. It’s up to you!

At Highland Green you can join Green Steps, an environmental resource group, that encourages education, stewardship and action.

Click to access information about Green Steps

Interested in taking a class, or pursuing an interest in a less formal way, take a look at the Mid-Coast resources readily available to you under Classes & Education. Under Volunteering, we have provided links to many of the non- profits that are active in the surrounding communities. If you get involved with one of these organizations, you might well meet some of your neighbors who are also volunteering.

Thanks to the Activities Committee there are many special events organized for the community. You will find out about these by email, and you can find them listed on the Calendar. If you have some ideas for a special event, you can talk to a member of, or maybe even want to volunteer to join, the Activities Committee. If you wish to reserve the community center for a party, event, or meeting, please see the directions and form to complete on the Calendar page.

Some neighbors with special interests occasionally share their expertise with the community. You will occasionally get emails letting you know about Bird Watching, Nature Hikes, Kayaking and Hiking opportunities arranged by neighbors-or maybe by you.

All of this contributes to the Highland Green Neighborly Ambiance. A spirit of volunteerism, and the considerable talents and interests of the residents is what makes HG such a special place to live.

If you find something you would like to share with members of our community, please use the Contact Us form or email the Highland Green Resident Web Team.



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