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Two committees unique to the HG Community Association, LLC are the Operations Committee and Facilities Committee.

Facilities Committee

  • Rick Diamond, Chair, South
  • Joe Feely, Vice Chair: NP2
  • Greger Andersen: P1
  • Tom McMahon: NP1
  • Sumner Field: NP2
  • Chris Silver: NP2
  • Barbara Lovely: NP3
  • Ron Strand: NP3
  • Bruce Ward: NP3
  • Diane Snyder: Quarry P1

Operations Committee

  • Sue Reed, Chair, NP3
  • Anne Cole, Vice Chair: NP2
  • Patti Vigilante: P1
  • Carole Gilley: NP1
  • Bob McArtor: NP1
  • Linda Gillespie: NP2
  • Barbara Combs: NP3
  • Judy O’Keefe: NP3
  • Pam Belford: Quarry P1
  • Nancy Aliberto: Activities Committee Representative
  • Sue Kent: Activities Committee Representative

Finance Committee

Receives the ensuing year’s proposed budget from the Director of Operations on June 1. Following review and potential changes, the Committee meets with all Co-op Boards to summarize and answer questions prior to the Co-op Budget ratification meeting in September. Also, receives monthly Community financial statements.

  • Bob Perry, Chair, NP3
  • Dick King, NP1
  • John Gillespie, NP2
  • Lou Bragaw, P1
  • Don Murphy, S
  • Nick Poulton, NP2
  • Jay Friedland, NP3
  • Kathy Fitch, NP1
  • Jim Graham, P1
  • Diane Synder, QP1, (non-voting member)

Reserve Analysis Committee

This Committee will work with the Director to review all expenses funded by the Common and Reserve models, their core cost, and suggested replacement schedule. An understanding of the software used to create the models is also a goal. Recommended changes in the model update at the January Co-op Meetings come from this committee.

  • Lane Soltesz, Chair, NP2
  • Jerry Hartz, P1
  • Eileen Burns, P1
  • Norm Curthoys, NP1
  • Howard Levitan, NP1
  • Joe Feely, NP2
  • Rich Evans, NP3
  • John Berry, NP3
  • Rick Diamond, South

Reserve Investment Committee

This Committee works according to Reserve Investment Guideline with the goal of positioning the Reserve funds to outpace inflation by 2%. These reserve funds are not needed in the next 24 months, and are held at Charles Schwab.

  •  Jim Von Benken, P1
  • Tom Sawyer, NP1
  • Craig Mudge, NP2
  • Greg Barrymore, NP3
  • Allen Tucker, South

Government Affairs Committee

This committee reviews local and state government issues that impact HG residents.

  • Tom Sawyer, Chair, NP1
  • Lyn Adams
  • Bob Allen
  • Mike Nelson
  • Ken Thorson

Activities Committee

The Activities Committee coordinates activities sponsored by residents. Committee normally meets the second Friday of the month to plan events and identify methods of supporting resident-sponsored events such as parties, group card games, trips to local events, etc. Please contact the Chairperson if you are interested in participating on this committee or on a special activity subcommittee.

The Mission Statement of the Activities Committee: The Activities Committee will provide HG (Highland Green) Residents with programs and events designed to enlighten, educate and entertain. Respectful of the diversity in the points of view of our residents, all Activities Committee programs will be free from fund-raising (except for those of the Committee itself), and from the promotion of any specific belief system or political viewpoint.

  •  Nancy Aliberto, Chair, NP2
  • Secretary, Susan Kent
  • Treasurer, Liz Boyce
  • Lee Barth
  • Athene Cannon
  • Polly Clements
  • Gretchen Davis
  • Linda Gillespie
  • Terri Blanton
  • Linda Butler
  • Barbara Howard
  • Sue Loebs
  • Barbara Lovely
  • Barbara Mangion
  • Ellie McMahon
  • Linda Rier
  • Eirwen Soltesz
  • Eve Thorson
  • Barb Combs (calendar only)
  • Carol Davis (calendar only)

The Activities Committee has a budget which helps to fund various social events, supplies needed at the CC (Community Center), office supplies, website/calendar hosting, and various other expenses needed to keep residents aware of activities in HG. We are asking each resident to contribute $10 when they move in. You are more than welcome to make additional contributions, if you are able. In addition, we will be holding raffles and other money-raising events to add to the kitty. Please email Liz Boyce, Treasurer, to contribute your share. We also welcome your ideas to add to the repertoire of events and activities planned throughout the year. You may contact any member of the Activities Committee above.

Grounds Committee

This committee works with the Director of Operations, Grounds Services Supervisor, and the Highland Green Coop Boards in managing grounds care in the community (mowing, lawn applications and other services) provided under contract with Seacoast Management. Recommended changes in grounds management come through this committee.

  • Tom Fitch, Chair, NP1
  • Bert Bolduc, P1
  • Mel Passe, South
  • Stan DeOrsey, NP2
  • Michael Green, NP3