Simply Sized Home

Also commonly known as smart sizing or right sizing, downsizing is when someone moves from their current home to one that may or may not be smaller, but is designed for easier living. Simply Sized Home can gently guide people through simplifying their belongings, helping them thoughtfully clear away the excess while allowing them to […]

Midcoast Senior College

Highland Green is the proud Corporate Sponsor of Midcoast Senior College (MSC). Founded in 2000, MSC is a non-profit educational organization located right nearby. Its program is designed to provide intellectually stimulating learning opportunities and special activities for persons 50 years of age and older. Highland Green residents Ed Lovely, Alison Johnson, Mort Achter, Ted […]

Topsham Public Library

The Topsham Public Library is just a mile from Highland Green and for many serves as a de facto “second” community center.” It provides gathering space, books, informational resources, technology and services to stimulate growth and enrichment while serving as a center of study and community activities. Three of twelve TPL Board of Trustee members […]

Maritime Museum

Maine Maritime Museum At last count upward of twenty Highland Green residents are volunteers at the Maine Maritime Museum. Just 15 minutes from Highland Green in Bath, MMM is a coastal Maine attraction offering many opportunities to explore Maine’s maritime heritage and culture. MMM’s scenic 20-acre campus offers daily cruises and trolley tours, the country’s […]

Botanical Gardens

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Just 30 miles from Highland Green in Boothbay Harbor, the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens comprises 270 acres of tidal shoreland filled with gardens, art, and educational and event space. In 2014 welcomed more than 100,000 guests throughout the year. The mission of Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is to protect, preserve, and […]

Mid Coast Primary Care

Located directly across from Highland Green, the Mid Coast Adult Primary Care was built by Highland Green developer John Wasileski to house the Topsham Internal Medicine group of Midcoast Medical Group. As a Patient-Centered Medical Home, Mid Coast Medical Group-Topsham specializes in helping patients be healthy and well. The practice offers adult primary care, preventative […]

Mid Coast Hospital

  Just four miles from Highland Green, Midcoast Hospital is a full service, independent, community, not-for-profit hospital. It also recently purchased Parkview Hospital nearby. Highland Green resident Claire Bowen, a leader in the health care field including stints as Chief Executive Officer of two hospitals, thoroughly vetted Mid Coast while considering Highland Green. Clearly well-qualified, […]

The Maine Coast

Eventually, the many rivers surrounding Highland Green and Merrymeeting Bay empty into Casco Bay, which stretches from Harpswell to Cape Elizabeth, includes Portland Harbor and is home to 136 different islands. It is a legendary boater’s paradise. In the larger context, Casco Bay is just one part of the celebrated Maine coast, all easily accessible […]


Maine State Music Theatre

Merrymeeting Bay

The Cathance River empties into Merrymeeting Bay, which is in Highland Green’s “backyard” and is at the heart of an internationally renowned watershed through which 40 percent of all water flowing through Maine travels before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean. This bay is home to plentiful wildlife and plant life, including wild rice, bald eagles, […]

Freeport, Maine

Just an easy 15 minute drive from Highland Green, the town of Freeport was selected by Yankee magazine as the Best Shopping Town in New England. It has a myriad of opportunities for shopping, recreating, and outdoor enjoyment. It is best known for its upscale outlet shopping and as home to the world-famous L.L. Bean […]

Portland, Maine

An easy 30 minutes south of Highland Green, perched beautifully on the edge of Casco Bay sits Portland, Maine, the East Coast’s “little San Francisco.” A small city with big city amenities, Portland boasts one of the best food scenes anywhere, from James Beard award-winning chefs to small gems and countless cuisines from around the […]

Brunswick, Maine

Just two miles from Highland Green, the town of Brunswick, Maine has the charm of a college town, the bustle of a larger city, and the services of a regional commercial center. As the home of Bowdoin College and many restaurants, the town of Brunswick has a diverse population that greatly enriches the town. What […]