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Community center, golf course, fitness area, tennis courts and more!

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Dynamic Social, Intellectual, Exercise, and Volunteer activities at Highland Green build a sense of community, fun and wellness through interaction with others.

The Highland Green Golf Course is a classic Scottish style nine-hole track carved out of the natural landscape.

It is open to the public and is professionally managed by a leader of the industry in Maine, and members can receive access to other golf courses.

This breathtaking golf course was built to blend naturally with the beautifully rugged terrain of Midcoast Maine. Rock outcroppings and natural ridgelines have been incorporated into the design to add to the challenge and uniqueness of the course. There isn’t another place like it.

Highland Green residents only pay for the course if they use it. It adds another element of open space and natural beauty to Highland Green. It is a great opportunity for golfers and is a well-groomed cross country ski track in the winter.

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