Highland Green is a community of tightly knit neighborhoods. There is a palpable neighbor to neighbor spirit and new friends who share interests from 32 states and counting have made Highland Green their home.

Highland Green residents are a diverse group of interesting people. About one-third moved from Maine. Many are still working; some are just recently retired; others have been retired for quite some time. A large majority of people live here year round; some go south or west in the winter; others are off to camps or cottages in the summer. Some Highland Green residents are highly involved in resident activities or governance; others pick and choose; some keep to themselves. One thing that they all have in common is Highland Green is truly home.

Highland Green is a good neighbor as well. The community’s influence, leadership and dedication to physical, intellectual, cultural and charitable enrichment radiates outward. It is clear that “new friends sharing interests” have positively impacted the surrounding Midcoast and Maine community as a whole. Highland Green is truly a “part of the community, not apart from it” and neighbors enjoy an actively engaging and civic-minded lifestyle.