Lower Maintenance Living at Highland Green

One reason people move to HG is to spend less personal time with upkeep and more time enjoying life.

Cooperative Ownership at HG, much like condominium ownership, helps provide lower maintenance through collective organization.

HG owner-shareholders to their operational budgets and reserve funds to jointly provide operational and maintenance services like:

Mowing and grounds keeping; snow removal; re-painting; re-roofing; trash removal; recycling; home insurance; upkeep of common areas; and much more…

HG Management provides Marketing, Operational, Accounting and Grounds Keeping staff.


Financial Strength and Affordable High-quality of Life

Cooperative Ownership also protects the appearance and value of the community. HG residents are very proud of their very strong reserve planning.

You can learn about HG, cooperative ownership, cost of living, and financial strength at HG here: