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At Highland Green we love maps. In fact, the primary meeting room in our marketing office is the Map Room. A Maine topographical map, a nautical map, a Cathance River watershed map, a trail map of the 235-acre Cathance River Nature Preserve, the Highland Green cartoon map, plus our community, street, and home site maps help us tell our story.

We also drink and serve a lot of coffee. It helps keep our marketing and operations staff going. New guests enjoy sitting for relaxing cups while discovering more about Highland Green. And our door is always open for the residents of 179 Highland Green homes (and growing) to stop by and grab a mug full.

A while back we began to smell an intriguing roasted aroma wafting over our site from the west. We soon realized that the Wicked Joe Coffee company had relocated its operation to the former U.S. Navy Annex, right next to our 635-acre campus. It only made sense that we strike up a relationship and exclusively serve their coffee in our marketing office, our Grounds Services building, and at the Wild Duck Pub at Highland Green. We did not know at the time how many great things we had in common.

Both Highland Green and Wicked Joe are locally founded and operated. Maine resident John Wasileski is the owner of Highland Green and his company continues to manage the community with the personal touch that only local ownership can provide. Harpswell residents Bob and Carmen Garver are the owners of Wicked Joe and personally work directly with farmers and cooperatives from around the world. At the time of this writing, Bob is in Rwanda sourcing coffee.

We both have a national reach. Highland Green has attracted residents from 29 different States and counting. Wicked Joe Coffee is now sold in 30 different States and counting.

Wicked Joe and Highland Green both have an affinity for conservation and sustainability. Highland Green’s integrates a 235-acre nature preserve with nature-based educational organization on-site and such practices as community composting and organic community gardening. Wicked Joe produces Fair Trade and organic coffee to support farming communities and protect the environment. They use state of the art energy efficient roasters and are committed to sustainable business practices from crop to cup.

Both organizations support and implement solar technology. Wicked Joe’s 37,000 square foot production facility features photovoltaic panels on the roof, a large solar wall which supplements the heating of the building, solar company cars and a car charging station that is usable by the community. Highland Green customers have integrated photovoltaic panels, solar hot water and charging stations in their custom built homes. Highland Green Grounds Services building boasts a large solar array. Both companies have plans for solar farms which could easily become a team effort.

And Wicked Joe shares our love of maps. Bob Garver’s father John retired from teaching at West Point to become chief cartographer for the National Geographic Society. If you visit Wicked Joe’s you will see a collection of his maps on a long wall.

They also sell bird-friendly coffee as certified by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. In their travels throughout Central America and beyond Carmen and Bob Garver have picked up bird watching as a hobby. Highland Green also happens to be a bird-watching hot spot. So much so that our latest issue of Lifestyle: News, Personalities and Perspectives from Highland Green has a bird theme.

So feel free to come visit our office at 7 Evergreen Circle, attached to the Highland Green Community Center. Pick up the latest Lifestyle newsletter and we can pour you a wicked cup of joe.

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