A well-traveled couple finds a way to live large while downsizing in the vibrant community of Highland Green.

July, 2018 By: Katy Kelleher Photography: Erin Little 

Initially, David Mosley only visited Highland Green to rule it out. He had heard about the 55-plus community and his first impression was a strong one. “We used to play Topsham in high school sports,” says the Norway native. “Why would I ever want to live there?” He and his husband, Andy Masland, were seeking a place to relocate. The couple had traveled all over the world, and as they readied themselves for the next stage of life, they thought about all the possibilities available to them. They could move to Tahoe, where Mosley once lived, or Seattle, where the couple first met. They could live in Massachusetts, New York, California—or what about Japan? (“We did think we would probably end up in Portland,” Masland says.) So moving his life back to Topsham was the last thing on Mosley’s mind as he steered his car off route 196 and onto the hilly suburban roads of Highland Green. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE