Of all of our HG Lifestyle Blog Posts, Real Italians Are Only Found in Maine from about a year ago was arguably the most popular. It evoked equal parts joy, reminiscence, consternation, comment and debate.

I don’t know we can say it “went viral” but we certainly saw a huge jump in web activity. Our analytics tell us we normally have between 2,500 and 3,000 unique users of our website per month. In the three day period surrounding the original posting of the Real Italians blog alone we had 56,000 unique users on our site. Its posting on Facebook reached over 24,000 people.

We are introducing a new series of HG Food Blogs which will discuss culinary happenings around HG as well as other stories of iconic and nostalgic Maine products. Here is the original Real Italians post: Real Italians Are Only Found in Maine

Photo credit: Malcolm Bedell