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A Second Community Center for Highland Green!

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The Highland Green Community Center is the hub of many resident-organized cultural, social, educational, fitness, and volunteer activities. The Topsham Public Library (TPL), just a mile away from the Highland Green campus, has become a de-facto second community center.

Just as Highland Green is not strictly about “sticks and bricks” but is about sense of community, the library strives to be much more than “bricks and mortar with books.” It provides gathering space, informational resources, technology, educational programs and services, and volunteer opportunities to stimulate growth and enrichment while serving as a center of study and community activities.

The relationship between Highland Green and the Library means much more than mere proximity. Our Marketing Department is Mission Founder of the TPL Business Roundtable. Three of the ten TPL Board of Trustee members are Highland Green residents including Sally Von Benken, Larry Fitch, and Jerry Davis. Says Jerry: “I have been involved in a dozen different libraries and this is the best of them all.”


Highland Green resident Dave Mosley is on the TPL staff as a Library Aide. With a background in publishing and book store ownership, Dave says of TPL Director Susan Preece: “I have worked with many different Library Directors and Susan is the cream of the crop.”

One recent Saturday the library hosted a special reception, coffee tasting and lecture exclusively for Highland Green residents. While the staff expected about 20 attendees they were surprised and thrilled to host 92!




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