Lower maintenance living–Collective Strength–Continuity of Management–Active Lifestyle

Cooperative Ownership, much like condominium ownership, helps provide for the lower-maintenance living that current and future Highland Green residents desire, so that they can spend less personal time with upkeep and more time enjoying life.

By contributing to their operational budgets, Highland Green shareholders jointly provide such services as grounds keeping, snow removal, trash, recycling, insurance on the structures of the homes, and more. Through mutual contributions to their replacement reserve funds, Highland Green residents collectively provide such replacement and repairs as repainting and reroofing of homes.

Cooperative ownership is based on governing documents designed for collective strength and stability. The documents provide ownership structure, collective and individual responsibilities, management and budget guidelines, and rules and regulations, all designed to protect the appearance, value and continuity of Highland Green.

Highland Green shareholders are represented by Cooperative Boards of Directors, made up primarily of residents, which help make decisions that shape the community, and are guided by professional management. Highland Green residents and management alike are particularly proud of the strength of their community budgets and the stability of their reserve plans.

Seacoast Management has a permanent contractual relationship with the community and employs Marketing, Operational, and Accounting staff, eliminating turnover of management endemic to community associations around the country. It also provides grounds keeping services as requested by the resident shareholders through their Cooperative Boards.

An active lifestyle can also mean participation in community affairs. For those so inclined, service on the governing Cooperative Boards or the non-governing Chairs Committee, Finance Committee, Grounds Committee, or resident Activities Committee can be a rewarding experience.